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Please meet Carla – a beautiful bulldog x husky girl, aged 4 who was being sold – they hoped to get quite a bit as she was in season at the time……Carla is safe in kennels now with us in Shrewsbury and has proved herself to be a friendly, popular little girl – a real sweetie with a lovely face and temperament.

Carla is a very friendly girl with everyone she has met, she enjoys being around people and is happy to be in company, and she is good around other dogs, greeting with a happy face and wagging tail, preferring a nice calm easy life she is not a confrontational dog at all.

When taken into the cattery Carla was not very happy, in fact the cats frightened her a little bit, when one hissed at her she cowered. She was also not interested in the wildlife when out and about – squirrels, birds etc – none really held any interest for her.

She happily wears a harness when out and about and doesn’t mind being handled and touched whilst it is fitted, she enjoys a good fuss and love and she also has no problems around food – a good healthy appetite and no issues whilst eating. She is also happy to travel in the car, has no concerns about traffic noise or general day to day stuff, can be left alone for short periods and loves to be out and about – nosey and inquisitive but a real sweetheart to spend time with who loves cuddles and fuss.

She really is a great all round dog who would make someone a fabulous companion – all we ask is that you commit to her Furever and give her the home and lifestyle that she deserves. Please do not apply for Carla until you have read our Rescue Ready article and know that you are 100% committed to giving a dog a fab Furever Home, thanks.


Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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