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8 month old Lab boy who joined us in foster a few weeks ago.

He looks lovely but please read the following points very carefully:-

  1. Buddy needs a very experienced home where you are actively involved in training your dogs
  2. Buddy would be best in a home with another older dog to learn the ropes from
  3. Buddy needs someone who understands anxiety and won’t push him past his threshold – prepared to basically clear their diary for a few weeks to get him settled in before any work can begin
  4. Buddy CANNOT be left alone – not with another dog, not for five minutes, not just whilst you nip next door – he gets extremely anxious which just sets his development back even further. He will travel nicely and will wait in a car for short periods, where it is safe to leave him. He CANNOT stay home alone.
  5. Buddy is not yet neutered and will not be neutered for another few months. You would have to arrange that once he has been with you for a few months at least. We will cover the cost.

OK so a bit more about Buddy …..

Buddy has had a very unsettled life so far with various homes and routines and to be honest, he will need someone to help him unpick his history and start over. He cannot be left alone and will need to be in a home where he will always have someone around or where you can take him everywhere with you, until you can help him overcome his anxieties. He has made great progress since being in his foster home for a couple of weeks and will continue to improve in the right home with a patient and understanding owner.

Buddy is looking for an excellent, experienced home with a total commitment to training, socialising, stimulating and making up for lost time where you will be able to offer this boy exactly what he needs and give him the exercise, activity, mental stimulation, diet and attention that he fully deserves.

Buddy is a handsome lad and is also a very smart little chap who is keen to learn and loves to be using his brain – so you will be prepared to keep on that work with him, maybe at agility, obedience, rally or other similar activity – and he also loves the company of other dogs and is happiest when with another dog, so the ideal home he would not be the only dog and would have other positive canine role models to learn from.

If you think you can offer Buddy a home, please fill in the enquiry form, but please do NOT be under the assumption that as he is a Lab he will be an easy dog and a fabulous family dog – he is an intelligent kid with a rubbish start in life, he will need effort, work, attention and ongoing energy if you are to give him the best possible life – and that’s what we want for ALL our dogs, the best possible

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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