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Arlana is a very popular girl with the volunteers – she has a gentle nature and enjoys going out for walks – walks really nicely on the lead and has been good with other dogs she has met both at kennels and out on events. Also cat trainable! She can live with nice children who will respect her gentle nature and are capable of throwing a ball 🙂

Arlana (meaning oath) or Lana for short (beauty, peacefulness) is around 2 years old – a young friendly quiet girl who had a litter of pups in rescue but now that the pups have all been weaned and gone to great homes, it’s time to find one for Lana. She has now been spayed and is up to date on vaccinations so now the kids have gone, she is ready for a loving home of her own!

With sensible introduction and supervision we believe that Arlana could live with a cat as she has been in a home, off lead and in the same room as a confident cat – and showed NO reaction. Our usual caution applies in introducing any new animals – slowly, sensibly, safely and kept separate until you are confident that they will mix happily. Full advice and support is available from our behaviourist for all our dogs and she can advise on things like cat introductions.

Could you give Arlana the love and attention that she so deserves?

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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